EddieMaintenance.Com and the MultiTask Utilities Suite CD was created by the owners of a highly successful PC Sales and Service company that's been in business since 1994.

Our Suite of 68 Utilities is the most useful and powerful CD you will own. It will save you hundreds of dollars in repair and service costs by providing you with the directions and tools you need to fix your PC yourself. It includes the exact same tools PC technicians use to fix computers but with the advantage of including easy to follow directions written for beginners so anybody can follow them and be successful.

The most important feature about this Suite/CD is that it will NOT install ANYTHING without your permission. It is 100% independent and will NOT write ANYTHING to your hard drive unless you want to install and/or use an app. included on it. In fact, even while booting with it, not a single bit will be written to your hard disk.

Yes, this CD is BOOTABLE.

You can use it to easily install any version of Windows, Tune and Clean Up your system, Undelete files, Remove old Windows installs and partition and format, Clone Windows from your old hard drive to new drives, Diagnose hardware, and much, much more.

Click here for some SCREENSHOTS.

Included with the CD ISO is a special GUI Partition/Format Utility that anybody can use without knowing DOS. It runs from a bootable floppy disk or a CD if you dont have a floppy drive. It takes just one click to make the floppy. It also has mouse support. Screenshot

Here is a list of the Main Features of the MultiTask CD

Windows Installation and Maintenance

Easily install any version of Windows from Windows 95 to XP
Boot up and fix any computer
Clean out useless files that slow down the system
Registry repair and cleaning
Delete "undeletable" files and folders
Recover files deleted from recycle bin and recover data
Backup and restore your registry
Virus and Spyware removal
Automatically finds your IDE or SATA CDrom drive
Includes 2 web browsers. One runs right off the CD
Has a 2-Way firewall
Use the traffic monitor to tweak compromised systems

Basic Hard Drive Setup

Partitioning and Formatting
Easily remove and create partitions
Zero Fill your hard drive to get rid of ALL data - aka low level formatting
Set up your PC even if you have NO floppy drive or a Swapable CD/Floppy drive
Make your hard drive bootable in DOS and automatically load up CDrom drivers

Cloning and Data Backup

Clone Windows 95, 98, and ME to another hard drive
Clone Windows XP to another hard drive
Transfer all applications and programs without losing data
Backup to second hard drive or other partitions

Password and Product Key Finders

Remove password that prevent accessing your BIOS
Find dialup, email, and messenger passwords
Discover the Product Key that was used to install Windows 95 - 98 - XP
Find out what's behind the asterisks

DOS Utilities

Includes all the DOS utilities techs use to repair computers
Includes easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to use them
Read, write, copy, edit, and delete files on XP NTFS drives in DOS
No need to "know" DOS - Our menu runs the commands for you

Hardware Diagnosis

Determine what model motherboard, sound or video card you have
Find out how much and what type of RAM you have
Discover the model and size or your hard drives and CDrom drives
Determine your CPU model and speed
Special programs to diagnose and fix problems for all brands of hard drives
Test your RAM to make sure its OK

Virus And Spyware Removal

Cleans your system of viruses and spyware without having to reinstall Windows
Safely remove viruses in the Master Boot Record aka boot sector viruses
Speed up your PC and internet connection and get rid of errors by eliminating spyware

Folders And Files

Find out which folders and files are taking up all your hard drive space
List the folder sizes by amount of data in them
Display your hard drive graphically to easily see where the large files or folders are
Easily change file properties. eg cancel the the Read Only Attribute for entire folders





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