Here is a sample of the email I receive.

"So many times I was in the dark ready to throw my computer out the window and so many times your Cd came with the proper light bulbs... "

Serge G. - Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada

"I am writing to compliment you on your Eddiemaintenance CD. I discovered immediately that you had enough foresight and experience to put almost every conceivable tool on the CD that a person needs to make a computer function properly.

I bought the CD a couple of days ago (downloaded it and received the CD in the mail.) Right away I was impressed.

I am retired Master Electrician (which means I strive to do everything I do properly and efficiently), and I repair/refurbish computers in my home, mainly for family and friends. When refurbishing, I wipe the drive and reinstall fresh WinXP. I've been using DBan to wipe, which takes a lot of time and is sometimes a pain.

However, I discovered that with your one Eddiemaintenance CD, I can wipe the hard drive, fdisk, format, and fresh install XP all with this one Eddiemaintenance CD. Very speedy and very convenient. Furthermore, I've never seen any CD that not only performs about every function necessary to repair a computer, but also has indepth instructions on how to use them.

My compliments to you for this fine piece of work. "
Mark Mayo - Ash Flat, AR, USA

"This Support CD is the best purchase I've made for my computer this year. If you ever want or need someone to write a letter or something for you to use to promote your product, don't hesitate to contact me. I'll do it for free. "

"I am a free lance IT Trouble shooter and am realy happy and impressed with your product. I am going to put a link to your website on mine if thats ok with you guys. Reason being there are so many calls I get and I have to travel alot for small problems thus leaving me not enough time to realy do what I have to. Your Product is great. So the next time I get a call I ask them to to goto your site or mine (incase they dont get the url right) Thank You, "
Elton Pinto - Germany

"I don't keep floppy diskettes around much anymore. I do however like your suite on CD, You guys have saved me time in searching for the utilities I needed to repair my sons computer. I like the CD Image boots for the ram and hard drive test... Keep up the good work. 'a valued web-surfin' computer fixin' guru' "
JennTek - DuBois PA USA

"Excellent resource. Saves alot of B.S searching the Net for the files that you have provided. Thanx for the effort that you put into the multitask cd ."

Ron Nofuze - Toronto, Canada

"Thanks for the cd. It was easy to understand and use. I also liked the explanations."

Dixie Darling - Mtn home AR USA

"Great product....Thank everybody for the work that has been put into developing it. Very usefull. One thing to remember: "Never change a working system" :-) Take care!"
M.M - Bergen, Norway

"I recently purchased your excellent utility and boot fix-it disk, which impressed me greatly. I was able to fix my Win2K and clean up my disk so that things run better."
Simon Jennings - United Kingdom

"I'm a bull in a china shop when it comes to working on computers. I found your website recommended while looking for answers as I thrashed my son's computer. I went from a completely disabled system, to successfully reloading Windows onto a wiped-clean hard drive. What could have taken days only took hours with your cd and help files."

Paul Mushrush

"A boot sector virus trashed my entire machine. I thought my drives were wasted. You guys pointed me in the right direction, gave me all the information I needed and the utilities to do the job! Now everything's back up and running sweet. I really can't thank you enough."

Oscar Ferguson - Doncaster, England, UK

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